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Dead-simple mailer micro-service for static websites

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A free and open-source software alternative to contact form services such as FormSpree, to integrate a contact form seamlessly within your next static website!

When building static websites and JAMStack web applications, the need for a contact form arises pretty often but requires some server-side processing. mailer provides a dead-simple micro-service (usable as a serverless function) for this purpose, enabling one to receive e-mails from a simple form using a single request, be it URL-encoded or AJAX.

Proudly developed in Python using the FastAPI ASGI framework.


  • Self-hostable micro-service
  • Docker and serverless support
  • Unicode message support
  • OpenAPI documentation (Swagger and ReDoc)
  • CORS domain validation
  • Spam-bot filtering with honeypot field
  • Google ReCaptcha v2 validation
  • Sentry crash reporting
  • Any SMTP-compatible back-end is supported
  • PGP encryption support using PGP/MIME


Licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPLv3)

Copyright (c) 2018 - present Romain Clement